Nurture Your Uniqueness!






Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. Margaret Mead

The mythical Eierlegendewollmilchsau was first introduced to me by a German friend.   As you can see, this is a strange-looking but fascinating creature. The EggWoM (my acronym for Egg laying, Wool bearing, Milk giving) now symbolizes for me many things. These range from an over featured product to someone who claims to have every talent or skill imaginable.   Now you might ask why I decided to share this weird creature with you.  It’s because I think we can all use a new word in our vocabulary.

I have even found multiple occasions to use this recently. During a project scope review, I asked if we were trying to build an EggWoM. I thought that this was a great way to nicely ask if we were going overboard on the feature set. Why were we going to build a mansion when our customers were just asking for a cabin in the woods?   The second time I was able to bring out my EggWoM was while reviewing a Vice-President position that had been posted.  There were so many varied and opposing skills listed that it seemed as if only an EggWoM could apply.

Now that I reflect on this a bit more, I realize that I may be an EggWoM.  Well not in this mythical creature sense, but when I look at my many varied skills, talents and experiences I realize that I too may be a bit of an odd creature.   How often do you find someone who has a degree in Accounting but really has an inner geek love for building software?  And how often do you find a self-avowed extreme introvert who loves to get up in front of a group and share agile software development experiences or sing a tune?  Or when was the last time you met someone who has butchered meat for a living and led a software development team?  Oh and not to forget, someone who has completed eight marathons, three triathlon, and swam with sharks? Now that should make for a real EggWoM!

EggWoM’s aside, we are all a combination of many and varied skills and experiences. I guess that is what makes each of us unique and special.  I will continue to nurture my inner EggWoM and encourage you to do so as well. Get out there and add to your uniqueness, build a skill, learn something new, do something exciting!


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