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Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten what you went in there for? Or misplaced your keys for the fourth time that week? Or perhaps been shopping and had someone greet you by name and you just couldn’t place where you should know them from? If any of these have happened, don’t worry, you’re normal! From time to time these happen to all of us no matter what our age or IQ.  I’ve found that these things happen to me most often when I am either under stress or when I haven’t had my morning coffee.  However, it still bothers me to have these occasional incidents, of what I fondly call “brain burps.”

So, when I saw this article http://bigthink.com/ideafeed/primates-thinking-power-augmented-by-brain-implant   I was intrigued by the thought that somewhere in the future I might be a candidate for a brain implant. Just think of it, instead of bigger female body parts I could spend that money more wisely and invest in a bigger brain!  Then I read the article all of the way through and determined that maybe in order to be smarter I needed to develop a very bad habit. How disappointing and a bit sad when I read what this poor primate had to go through for the sake of science.

After my initial disappointment, I then went on a quest to learn how I might be able to solve my case of brain burps without having to wait for someone to invent Brain Beano.  On my journey, I found and joined Lumosity http://www.lumosity.com/why-lumosity.  I am now on my way to exercising my brain daily. You might think that my job with it’s continual problem solving would be brain exercise enough, but knowing that stress has a negating effect on the brain I reasoned that my brain muscles could use a little de-stressing exercise.

I feel brighter already after just having joined a group called Lumosity.  I’ll keep you posted as I start my exercise routine.  Just think, when I get on the scales and gain a few pounds I can say “well you know, brain muscle weighs more…”  And as I grow more gray matter we’ll see if the old adage holds true; “it’s not what you have between your ears, but how you use it.”

Feel free to join me and exercise your brain too. Darn, now if I could just remember my WordPress password I’d be all set to post.


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