Seize the Day!





Seize the moment.  Remember all those women on the Titanic  who  waved off the dessert cart. ~Erma Bombeck

Whew, new week fresh start. Last week was a whirl wind with a four-day business trip to start and then Friday in the office catching up. The highlight of my week other than having the privilege of meeting with some of the most technical and intelligent people at Sage was getting to spend an hour on Friday with one of our senior leaders. At this meeting we discussed my current projects and the role I play in them.  The meetings all went well and I am excited to play a small part in what I consider to be a ground breaking project. There was only one down note for the week. This was finding out that the wife of a friend has had a second recurrence of cancer. She is now going through some aggressive chemotherapy treatments, but maintains her positive outlook and optimistic attitude. I am able to stay up to date with her progress via her CaringBridge journal.

All of this has caused me to have a bit of reflection. I have concluded that while what we do every day at work is very important to our careers and our corporate health, it is just as important to focus energy on our personal lives. Keeping this in balance is important to our relationships and our physical health. I would like to think I learned this lesson a few years ago, but it is good to always be reminded how precious each day is and to not take any of them for granted. No one can predict what will happen tomorrow. We can only do our best each and every day, both on a professional as well as a personal level.

When I am at work, I am energized by listening to the excitement of the project team as they come up with solutions for the most challenging aspects of their project. What a great opportunity I have to work with a cross-section of the most talented individuals here at Sage.  When I am at home, I am energized by starting to focus on getting back in shape. This week I will be adding swimming to my fitness regime and hopefully this will allow me to increase my physical energy and mental focus.

In summary, I would say that this post is just a reflective reminder that while we never know what a day will bring we can make each one count. I will close with a challenge to you. Find what energizes and excites you with your career and put a daily focus on that aspect of your work and at the same time reflect on your personal life and find the thing that will make you happy every day and put some effort and energy to that as well. What makes you want to jump out of bed and greet each day with a smile? Go for it! Do it! Make every day special — remember “Life is short. Eat dessert first”. – Ernestine Ulmer


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