Asking The Right Questions

“My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions. ”
Peter Drucker

 When I saw some of the questions posed with this link, I was embarrassed to see that several, well okay many, of them I have asked.  As you probably already know I love to read. I am working my way through a few books (more on them next week), but I could not resist sharing this one that I have not read. It was good to learn that there is a more effective way to ask these same questions. In my position, I have the opportunity to interact with many different levels of executives and am frequently in awe of how they can so articulately present themselves and ask pertinent questions. This book, Power Questions, by Sobol and Panas looks like it might be my key to more effective communication or at least an interesting read.

I have included a short overview of the book below.

“An arsenal of powerful questions that will transform every conversation

Skillfully redefine problems. Make an immediate connection with anyone. Rapidly determine if a client is ready to buy. Access the deepest dreams of others. Power Questions sets out a series of strategic questions that will help you win new business and dramatically deepen your professional and personal relationships. The book showcases thirty-five riveting, real conversations with CEOs, billionaires, clients, colleagues, and friends. Each story illustrates the extraordinary power and impact of a thought-provoking, incisive power question. To help readers navigate a variety of professional challenges, over 200 additional, thought-provoking questions are also summarized at the end of the book.

In Power Questions you’ll discover:

  • The question that stopped an angry executive in his tracks
  • The sales question CEOs expect you to ask versus the questions they want you to ask
  • The question that will radically refocus any meeting
  • The penetrating question that can transform a friend or colleague’s life
  • A simple question that helped restore a marriage

When you use power questions, you magnify your professional and personal influence, create intimate connections with others, and drive to the true heart of the issue every time.”

I welcome your thoughts on asking power questions. Will you volunteer to read the book and let me know if it should be on my priority reading list? Or maybe just watch the slide show from the link and confess as I did that you too have asked these questions.


2 thoughts on “Asking The Right Questions

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  2. I posted a review of the book “Power Questions” on my blog. I recommend you push it to the top of your reading list and it will only take a few hours to get through it, the first time.

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