To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? That Is The Question.



Do you know what Lady Gaga and Barack Obama have in common? Probably not difficult to figure out given the title for this post!

Okay, I admit I too have a Twitter account , but seldom use it. It sits there in the same realm as my Facebook account. Once in a while I brush off the cobwebs and do actually post a comment on Facebook, but I view this as a “personal” tool and in that light I leave it up to my husband to keep his Facebook current with family news. He does after all have the largest family and extended family. Just within the Amstutz’ clan there are enough Facebook connections for me to play Word With Friends for hours using his account. They now all think he has an extraordinary vocabulary.

Back to Tweeting, perhaps I should examine this more closely and determine the how, why, and what I might use it for. I know from the below link that Lady Gaga is the supreme Tweeter with the most followers.  Just to be considered in the same league with her leaves me breathless. What would be next for me? How about a new carnivorous wardrobe?  Nope, don’t think so. Well, what then might I get out of a steady Twitter stream? Would I gain valuable knowledge? Would I be able to impart nuggets of my wisdom daily in addition to my weekly posts?  While I ponder this a bit, you might want to view the link for some interesting fast facts about Twitter.

I see the use of Twitter as a marketing engine, I see it as a way to quickly send a sound bite to family and friends in one fell swoop, I see it as a way to stay connected with current happenings when at a conference with a group of business associates, but I just don’t see it as useful for me.  Does that make me less technically adept? Or does that just confirm what my closest friends and family already know? I would prefer to think the latter. Let me clarify, I am by nature an introvert, yes, that’s right, I have that “I” in my Myers-Briggs profile. But even so, I am open to change. While I do prefer reading a good book to going to a party, I am open to the fact that the whole world seems to be Tweeting away and I might just be the only twit who does not Tweet daily.  So in my mission to continually grow and expand both personally and professionally, I will be examining the cost (time) benefit (visibility) equation of Twitter.  With Lady Gaga and Barrack Obama at such opposite ends of the spectrum and both of them Tweeting prodigiously, why would I not want to join their ranks?

As I begin this adventure of Tweeting discovery, I will be happy to share with you what I learn along the way, or better yet just follow me @DAAStutz as I Tweet my journey. Hey, I think I just may have found a use for my Twitter account after all!


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