Working With A Feeler

As a manager, I think that it is important that we all have a bit of Feeler in us. I say this because we need to value our interactions with our staff and peers and think of the impact that our decisions and actions will have on them. When it comes to working with a pure Feeler, I’ve found that decisions come first from an emotional basis. Instead of facts based decision making a Feeler will often first ask themselves: Do I like this? Will others like this? How do I feel about this?  When I think about individuals whom I have worked with over the years the person who comes to mind as a pure Feeler was in a management position. She was extremely well liked by her staff and peers. She was the first to remember and acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, your new puppy or kitty, you get the picture.

I too respected and liked this person. However, when it came to decision making or anything that required analytical thinking, she was a continual source of frustration. These were just not her strengths.   But when a decision required understanding how the staff would feel, she was spot on!

When she needed to put someone on a performance plan or lay someone off, she would be in tears. She felt so much empathy for the individual impacted that she almost could not bring herself to take action. While no manager likes to do either of these, they are a part of the job and the ability to do them in a professional manner is a required skill.

I have the utmost respect for everyone who is a Feeler. They have a strong link to and empathy for the feelings of others and make great friends. There is no one better to make you feel important or acknowledged. They will always remember your birthday, but probably forget to pick up the cake for the party. If you walk into their office you will certainly see lots of pictures of their family on their desk, pictures of their dogs, their friends, their friends dogs, even the neighbor’s cat might be enshrined in their picture hall of fame.

I could go on and on about the Feeler, but the bottom line is they love everyone and would gladly give you their pants. If you are a Feeler, I’d appreciate having you for a friend, but don’t really want to have you on a project team where you need to gather any statistics or get a lot accomplished in a short time frame. But even with that said, if the project is H. R. related and we really need to be able to understand the view of the staff you will be my first pick, but don’t forget my birthday cake and be sure to bring a spare pair of pants.


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