Being A Doer

 Last week I said I should title this “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” but decided that this would not do justice to the strengths of the Doer.   I did, however, want to pay homage to the nick name (Taz) that my daughter gave me many years ago.  After yet another stress filled morning getting three teenagers off to school, did I say they were all girls? My daughter started calling me Taz. This was probably due to my frenzied flinging of school books, lunch bags, cans of hair spray, and various articles of unmentionable clothing that were strewn about the house. All of this as I had to fight for the bathroom to get ready for work and eat my breakfast on the run. You can easily see how I earned my name and of course why my pants were often on backwards.

 I would like to say that I am different in my work life than I am at home, but when the pressure of work projects looms out comes the Taz in me.   As you know from my earlier blog, we Doer’s get a lot done, but sometimes at the expense of dead bodies left in our wake. 

When brought to our attention that we may have caused a bit of an issue as we voraciously chewed through a problem, we Doer’s are usually confused as to why anyone is upset because after all we did get the job done. And very quickly at that! So all Doer’s be forewarned while you may accomplish a lot you need to keep the battlefield clear of bodies.

ImageNow in case you think that I am a real “piece of work,” please remember that I am not a Doer all of the time just when I am under pressure. When I am working along as I am today just getting things done at a normal pace, I am really a thinker. I had plenty of time to get ready for work this morning (the girls are all grown and gone) and my pants have that knife-edge crease in them. I am operating in my best thinker mode pondering all the different detailed ways to write this blog and get my points across. As you can tell, I do love pictures and still identify with the Taz.

ImageI’d like to also add that when the conditions are very favorable I can switch into my Feeler mode.  This is when I walk around the office and chat with folks and find out how they are doing, what their children are up to, and maybe even invite someone to walk across the street for a Starbuck’s. More on this next week as I share a bit about the Feelers among us. Perhaps I should dub them more politically correctly and call them the “Connectors.”


2 thoughts on “Being A Doer

  1. I see so much of myself when I read about the doer and I too have the doer as my alter ego under pressure. I can identify with the Taz mode reflected here and can think back about some of my Taz moments. Although I have never put my pants on backwards there have been times whenI showed up at work with two different colored shoes.
    My sister thinks I am more of a feeler during my normal pace but the thinker is probably more my norm, with a definite feeler close at hand.
    From one sister to another, I would suggest it is genetic except it must be only the females in our family that inherited the dominant doer.

  2. As someone that lives with a Taz on occasion, I can relate to the dead bodies idea. However, I am fortunate that the thinker and feeler have their alloted time to shine and share the lime light.
    We are all a mixed bag of personality types (thank goodness) and understanding which becomes dominate when cushions our reactions and allows for better communiction.
    I will admit that there are times when stress can cause two very different dominates to attack a problem so differently that the room gets quite, you can feel a charge building up as if lighting is about to be unleashed, and then …. eyes meet, glances are exchanged, and the understanding of personality types flashes through the brain rather than the bolt of lightening destroying the room. Sigh, lets talk this out together.

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