What’s Your Style?

Any of us who have been in a management position for a few years have probably experienced some type of “personality styles” training and assessment. Whether it is the Myers- Briggs test, the ITDF test or something else, we should by now know our style. What I’m going to try to do in this missive and over the next couple of weeks is share with you my experiences when working with individuals who have each of the ITDF (see my definitions below) predominate styles.

I’ve based this on what I consider to have been the best training I had early in my management career. What the assessment associated with this training did was point out that while we may have a predominate style we actually might have two predominate styles, one under favorable conditions and one that might be vastly different when under stress. The importance of this should be understood, because it could make you look slightly schizophrenic. An example of this was a former manager of mine who had two very different styles and to make it more challenging his styles were the exact opposite of mine. Well, needless to say, he thought I was crazy and I felt the same about him.  That was not a recipe for a good working relationship. We were both fortunate to have taken the styles assessments and management training at the same time. I will never forget when he turned to me and said “well I guess you’re not crazy after all.” We were able to move forward from there to have a very productive professional relationship. I learned how to read the signs that he was under stress and approach him accordingly – I will also say that this was very uncomfortable for me at first because my natural inclination was to give him the exact opposite of what he needed – in this case he wanted all of the facts and details when under stress and I was inclined to want to move very quickly and just give him the bottom line with no supporting details – made perfect sense to me.

With that as background, the styles as I define them are listed below with a bit of how I look at their definition. Now remember, most people are not completely one style, but are usually predominately one under each condition – favorable or stress.  Next week I will give you my story about working with a pure Innovator.

Can you see yourself below?


  • Head in the clouds with lots of great ideas.
  • Always looking for new ways to accomplish things.
  • Stays at high level – does not live for the details
  • Anything is possible and it’s all quick and easy
  • Toys all over their desk
  • Might forget to put on their pants


  • Loves to plan things
  • Very task oriented
  • Very precise and detailed
  • Always has a clean desk
  • Pants pressed with a crease that could cut butter


  • Quick to react
  • Takes ownership
  • Accomplishes lots of simultaneous tasks
  • Messy desk covered with papers
  • Pants on backwards


  • Has many Friends
  • Is energized by meeting new people
  • Will always ask you how you are doing and really cares
  • Has pictures, plants, and flowers on the desk
  • Will give you their pants

Keep you pants on, more to come next week.


One thought on “What’s Your Style?

  1. Love it. Seeing as I showed up for work yesterday with my shirt “inside out” I think that puts me squarely in the Doer category. Thank goodness I was working from home. There a reason I don’t Skpe 🙂

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