Life is Like a Game of Angry Birds

For those of you who know me you understand I am fascinated (addicted might be a better word) by the game Angry Birds.  I am proud to say that I have three stars on all of the games. If you wonder how I have had time to play this game, I have found that I can function on as little as six hours of sleep a night. Now with all that background, back to the topic of this post. Along the way I have come to the realization that life is like a game of angry birds.

As you fling your bird into the air toward those pesky squealing pigs, you cross your fingers and hope your aim is true. That you have found that vulnerable spot in the structure that will let your bird break through and bring the end of days to the pig buried inside. Each bird has his own specific skills and you must learn these along the way in order to make best use of them to annihilate the pigs that lie within.  Back to the parallel to life, as with the game, if you just keep randomly flinging solutions at issues and don’t take time to consider  the value of each solution in and of itself you will likely take much longer to resolve the issue or perhaps not solve it all (pigs with helmets fit this category).

What I have found works best is a studied approach. Assess the skills best suited to meet the objective and look for the proper point in time to use them. Just as you need to review the structure holding the precious pig and fling your best bird at the weak spot, so must you put your best people with the right skills on the task to find the solution that fits the problem.


3 thoughts on “Life is Like a Game of Angry Birds

  1. Hummm me thinks this is just a way to justify so much angry bird play! The real question is if you have spent the money to buy the full app? Maybe a new post about investing in life is like buying the angry bird app is next?

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